Framus Idolmaker

The Framus Idolmaker came to fruition through a closer partnership between Stevie Salas and the Master Builders at Framus Guitars in Markneukirchen, Germany. Stevie’s relationship with Framus started years ago when he was introduced to owner Hans Peter Wilfer through Jimmy Dunlop. After close to a decade of building a closer relationship with Stevie, the idea to create a completely new instrument shape was born and the planning for the Idolmaker began. After months of design and development between Stevie and Framus Production Manager Marcus Spangler, the first prototypes of the Idolmaker were ready for tweaking. The end result is a completely unique and stunning instrument, the Framus Idolmaker.

The Idolmaker is groundbreaking in its unique design which features 2 different woods that make up the body. This gives the instrument the best tonal qualities of both woods, typically Mahogany and Maple. The Framus Idolmaker is available through the Framus Custom Shop and a standard production model is also available as one of the Framus Pro Series instruments.



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