Essential Stevie Salas

  1. Tell Your Story Walkin’
  2. Break It Out (The Legend Of Johnny Puerco)
  3. The Grooveline Featuring Bernard Fowler
  4. The Harder They Come
  5. Cover Me In Noise
  6. Kickback
  7. Two Bullets And A Gun Featuring Bootsy Collins
  8. Start Again
  9. Moving Through Sound – A Dedicated Jam To James Marshall
  10. Born To Mack
  11. Hots On For Nowhere Featuring Bernard Fowler & Ronnie Wood
  12. Hoochie Toad
  13. Stand Up (Paris Bootleg)
  14. Make Me Blank (Paris Bootleg)
  15. Tell Your Story Walkin (Paris Bootleg)
  16. I Once Was There
  17. Blind
  18. May GOD Bless You
  19. Just Like That
  20. Amelia
  21. I’m Missing You
  22. You And I
  23. Caught In The Middle Of It
  24. I Was Made To Love Her Featuring Glenn Hughes
  25. Indian Chief
  26. A Dedication To You Featuring Mike Garson
  27. Trail Of Tears
  28. Too Many Mountains (Paris Bootleg)
  29. Fear (Paris Bootleg)
  30. I Once Was There (Paris Bootleg)