Viva la Noise

  1. Cover Me In Noise (Rocktronic Remix By Homer)
  2. Break It Out (The Legend Of Johnny Puerco) – Jon X Captain Crunchy Remix
  3. Make Me Blank (Homer Home Sequeeze Mix)
  4. Fear
  5. I’m Missing You
  6. Hoochie Toad
  7. Do Your Own Thang (Sonic Implosion Mix)
  8. Awake (Unreleased )
  9. Moving Through Sound (A Dedicated Jam To James Marshall)
  10. May God Bless You
  11. Turquoise Warrior Spirits (Unreleased )
  12. Alright Is (Part I And Part II)
  13. Alter Native (R U Real Native American Express Remix)
  14. Hold On (Demo – Version 1)
  15. Believing Is Seeing