Stevie Salas

Guitarist, music, TV and film producer, author, television host, music director, film composer, songwriter and recording artist. Proud Apache.


Stevie Talks

Film Factory – Tell your story walking – Stevie Salas Short Doc (2015)

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Yep I did a score on top of the original score The film was almost done they realized it had no rock guitars so I scored over the whole film including Robbie Robb’s In Time My fave was doing the Wylde Stallions I played my guitar left handed to create Bill&Teds feel @BillandTed3…

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I did do all the guitar work in the film and that’s my hands playing the guitar in the end George Carlin & I wore the same outfit Director Steve Herek Shot me from the neck down & George from the neck up He has a white face & I have brown hands…

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I can’t fly it myself but I’m a good poser in the co pilot seat! The Namaygoosisagagun Rez is drinking clean water for the 1st time in over 40 years!!@GiveCleanWater @NNNnativenews @Native_NewsNet @NativeVoices @Darrel_Larson @RumbleFilm @DreamcatcherFnd @APTN @seeingredorg

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When I did the guitar score for Bill & Ted 1 when I was a kid in 1987 truth be told we never thought the film would come out after losing our first distributor Look at it now!! @BillandTed3 @seeingredorg @RumbleFilm…


It’s funny but when I met Stevie Salas it was like meeting myself in my younger career.

– Bootsy Collins

Stevie Salas gave me my first break. He busted my ass, but he showed me that music isn’t about perfection; it’s about feeling.

– Taylor Hawkins, Foo Fighters