Stevie Salas

Guitarist, music, TV and film producer, author, television host, music director, film composer, songwriter and recording artist. Proud Apache.


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Film Factory - Tell your story walking - Stevie Salas Short Doc (2015)

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Someone asked me today When Will You Know If You Won the Emmy? I said Hmmm shit I forgot to ask!! #steviesalas @RumbleFilm @rumblefilm2020

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I played Every Picture Tells A Story with Rod on our final 3rd night show of 3 sold out LA Forum gigs in 1988 KLOS played the song once every hour trying to get us to do and in night 3 I high the intro and the crowd went bananas @rodstewart @MVZaGoGo @SteveConteNYC…

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I’m all for a strong military but what good is it when people are so uneducated they believe Kanye is a genius?…

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I admit I was shocked when I got the call yesterday....AMAZING!!!…


It’s funny but when I met Stevie Salas it was like meeting myself in my younger career.

– Bootsy Collins

Stevie Salas gave me my first break. He busted my ass, but he showed me that music isn’t about perfection; it’s about feeling.

– Taylor Hawkins, Foo Fighters